Born Michael Johnson and raised by a single mom in Seattle along with his three brothers, E-Dawg was working his first job (at a food bank in Seattle’s tough Rainier Valley) by the age of just 9 years old. “We raised ourselves,” he says now, “Mom did everything she could, but we didn’t respect that until later. I grew up super fast.” Growing up in poverty, E-Dawg looked to music stars like Michael Jackson as role models – seeing them as examples of something to strive for.

Seattle rap legend Sir Mix-A-Lot, who E-Dawg met during one of Mix’s early house parties at Seattle’s Rainier Vista, quickly became another such role model. “I found out where he lived and used to sit at the window of his apartment and watch him make music. He never kicked me off the ledge – I was amazed.” 

After a brief career in a Seattle street gang (“I knew what I should’ve been doin’, but I couldn’t beat the addiction of being the craziest MF’er on the street. It was a little man’s complex”), Sir Mix-A-Lot surprised E-Dawg with a phone call one day asking if he was done with banging. “I said yes, and 24 hours later I was rapping on ”Ya’ Can’t Slip” (the B-side of Mix-A-Lot’s megahit “Baby Got Back”). I’ve been with him ever since…he’s been a mentor, a big brother and a great boss.” 
short time after getting his first shot on mix's most successful single to date ( Baby Got Back) E-Dawg would get another big break by getting a singles deal with one of the biggest music Legends in the history of music ''Rick Rubin. (1993) Rubin would sign a singles deal with E-Dawg, Releasing the Summer time hit (DropTop) that featured California Rapper Filthy Rich AkA Rich Tycoon of the Bay Area.,,,

Now E-Dawg is ready to move forward with his LEGEND album set to be released in the middle of May 2016 and is sure to be a great surprize to the world.... all E-Dawg has to say is get ready......