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E-Dawg (January 4, 1979) is a hip hop artist from Seattle, Washington. A veteran of the Pacific Northwest hip hop scene, E-Dawg began his career with Seattle rap legend, Sir Mix A Lot, in the early 1990s. His first national single was "Drop Top" (1993)with Rhyme Cartel Records featuring Filthy Rich and produced by Sir Mix A Lot, Rick Rubin and Eugenius. 
E-Dawg's sound has often been described as serious, but playful. His recently released singles "I Dip" (2010), "Cars That Go Boom" (2011) and his collaboration with Mix A Lot on the science fiction themed "Rocket Ship"(2011) display this unique quality to his music.
Born Michael Johnson and raised by a single mom in Seattle along with his three brothers, E-Dawg had his first job at a food bank in Seattle’s tough Rainier Valley by the age of just 9 years old. Growing up in poverty, E-Dawg looked to music stars like Michael Jackson as role models. E-Dawg met Sir Mix A Lot during one of Mix’s early house parties at Seattle’s Rainier Vista and he soon became another such role model to E-Dawg. 
After a brief career in a Seattle street gang, Sir Mix-A-Lot surprised E-Dawg with a phone call one day asking if he was done with gang banging and within 24 hours E-Dawg was rapping on ”Ya’ Can’t Slip,” (the B-side of Mix-A-Lot’s megahit “Baby Got Back”). 
In 2009 E-Dawg signed with Sir Mix A Lot's Rhyme Cartel Records. He continues to make music and also host his own show "E'S WAY," a Seattle based radio show that features Pacific Northwest artists on .
* YA CAN'T SLIP (1992) - Sir Mix A Lot featuring E-Dawg
* DROP TOP (1993) - E-Dawg featuring Filthy Rich, American Recording, Album: Seattle... The Dark Side
* HOW LONG (2001) - Album
Song list: http://www.allmusic.com/album/how-long-r554078
# Damon Knight
# It's All Hip-Hop - E-Dawg, Gardner, Redwine…    
# Yo - E-Dawg, Funk Daddy, Strange    
# Rip Microphones - Bosko, E-Dawg, Strange    
# 1,000 Degrees - E-Dawg, Gardner, Redwine, Valentino    
# Skit-W-Big Nuts    
# Show Me Love - E-Dawg    
# How Long - E-Dawg, Shabalala, Strange
# Want That Lac    - Strange
# Just Don't Stop - E-Dawg, Mararie, Mararie    
# Ghetto Times - E-Dawg, Strange
# Like the Way You Do It - E-Dawg, Strange
# Desperado - E-Dawg, Frey, Henley, Roostar…
# It's All Hip-Hop - Cool Nutz, E-Dawg, Strange
# Poo Dog
* (2003) - Sir Mix A Lot's album, E-Dawg (vocals, producer)
* COLORED PEOPLE (2004) - Split 50 (E-Dawg & Strange)
* I DIP (2010) - E-Dawg featuring Tryfe and Emmanuel
* CARS THAT GO BOOM (2011) - E-Dawg featuring Lady Tasz
* ROCKETSHIP (2011) - E-dawg and Sir Mix A Lot