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Not many artists in any genre get to enjoy a career. Most artists come and go, hopefully leaving their mark – but usually as soon as you see them they are gone. Not E-Dawg. E-Dawg is more relevant than ever, laying claim to a new Hip-Hop philosophy that has the true potential to unite Hip-Hoppers of all ages. What he has espoused is so easy and simple yet so genius. It is one of those ideas you would have wish you thought of. 
Enter the O.Y. Movement, standing for Old/Young. This philosophy is circular, it can go both ways. Older artists do not like younger music and younger artists complain older artists do not help and teach them. The older artists talk down and they are guilty of not schooling the younger artists on how to be. The younger cats tell the older cats to get out of the way. However, the older cats need to be giving the younger cats the knowledge. For example, thanks to his experience in the industry, E-Dawg knows how record-labels treat younger artists. Younger artists do not know about contracts. Record labels give artists jewelry instead of money. They even encourage their artists to spend their money on cars and other frivolous items. Instead, these younger artists need to be going after larger percentages and less advances.  
This is why this is a movement that anyone can join and find it an equitable place to be. E-Dawg understands how the game is constantly coming around full-circle. In the 80’s skateboards and Vans were a part of Hip-Hop and now they are back. He knows young cats are just changing the name of the same styles. 
    Another way E-Dawg is able to stay on top of the game is that he constantly is reinventing himself. Currently this takes the form of his alter-ego, Crazy Lil Dude. E-Dawg has always been a nimble, dexterous, layered, multi-faceted skilled M.C. These talents made him want to put out some Hip-Hop that was a little more left-lane than his E-Dawg records. 
    E-Dawg and Crazy Lil Dude both have albums that are due out in May. “Legend” is E-Dawg’s new album. It is evident how in touch with the younger Hip-Hop generation he is because the album only features younger artists. The first single off “Legend” will be “What It Sound Like”. This is a well-written and thoughtful look into the complex world of relationships. The song has an amazing club-sound with production provided by Kydd-Strumentals.